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for your movie, serie, game, company and other needs.
  • About Us

    Arty Entertainment is specialized in the music and soundtrack production for motion pictures, trailers, television, indie movies, commercials, games, companies..

    We compose and produce high quality music in a wide variety of style. We are able to deliver typical movie soundtracks, dark ambient, lounge and uplifting sounds. We are original and responsible and aim to be different as the usual soundtracks you hear.

    We offer so called "stock music" which is directly available for your projects. Stock music is a great way to get original music for your soundtrack for a low price. Stock music can also be licensed exclusive for very special rates.

    We are also able to compose exclusive soundtracks that fit all your wishes and needs.

    work Process

    thats the way it goes

    1 Listen

    Know what your are looking for. What kind of sound do you need for your project. Do you prefer melodies, maybe something very dark? This is the first step to get yourself the perfect soundtrack.

    2 Needs

    Do you need something 100% exclusive or are you ready to get yourself one of the amazing stock music tracks? Stock music is the ideal way to get yourself a great soundtrack for a low price. Stock music is available directly after your make a purchase. Do you need exclusive music produced for your project? Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you step by step.

    3 Contact Us

    Ready to get your soundtrack? Contact us for more information or to buy the song you like.

    4 Production

    We start working for you to compose the perfect soundtrack. Did you order stock music? You will get the uncompressed WAV file and the 320kbps MP3 in your mailbox! All music is mastered and ready to use.

    5 Launch!

    Your amazing new soundtrack is ready to be added to your project. Finally time to launch your trailer, movie, game, commercial or any other project!

    Our Skills


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to compose, produce and master the perfect soundtrack for you and your needs.

    We are professional and aim to deliver your soundtrack as soon as possible. We want your project to be perfect!

    We can produce for

    We are able to produce music for a wide variety of projects.

    • Motion pictures and indie movies
    • Trailers
    • Game Soundtracks
    • Commercials
    • Every other project where a soundtrack is needed
  • Latest News

    New website is online!

    Arty Entertainment is proud to present you our new website.
    On our website you will find all information you need about our company and products.
    Still having questions? Feel free to contact us at anytime!
    --------September 01, 2013--------

  • OUR Music

    this is what we can do for you

    On this page you can listen to some of our stock music that is directly available as soundtrack for your project.

    Stock music can be ordered via our contact page. We offer basic and exclusive licenses.

    All demos below are edited and of a lower quality (128kbps MP3) as the final production (320kbps and uncompressed WAV).

    • Last Day Of The Week

      This is a very dark ambient track with a great atmosphere, dark synths and great choirs.
      Track duration: 5:05

    • She is Missing

      This is the perfect tune for your horror/thriller production. Dark synths with a creepy melody made of bells.
      Track duration: 6:24

    • Storm Chaser

      A dark and effective track that perfectly fits exciting moments, Storm Chaser will make your scene much intenser.
      Track duration: 1:55


    We will be happy to get in touch with you.
    If you have any questions or want to order a sound, Please contact us.: